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Adrian Howard
April 5, 2024

Are you tax-ready for the new tax year? Find out how to make sure your savings and investments are as tax efficient as possible by using every available allowance and exemption.

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With family finances still stretched, you need every investment to work as hard as possible. You still have time to check your mix of Cash and Stocks and Shares ISAs before tax year-end, to make sure it’s working as hard as it could.

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Making tax-smart decisions by tax year-end can make a real difference to the pension pot you can look forward to.

With family finances still stretched, you need every investment to work as hard as possible. Reviewing your mix of Cash and Stocks and Shares ISAs ahead of tax year-end makes sense for your short-and long-term plans.

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Sponsorship for young Torbay Athlete

Failing banks and persistent inflation didn’t stop a relatively positive first quarter from an investment perspective

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As we go into a new tax year, now’s the time to make sure your savings and investments are set up as tax-efficiently as possible. That means using every available allowance and exemption.

With inflation still high and taxes unlikely to be lowered any time soon, using tax-efficient wrappers such as pensions and ISAs will help your money go further.

The changes and what they mean for financial planning strategy

Coming up to retirement and not sure of the best way to take your retirement income? These are the key tax-traps to avoid.

SJP’s latest Financial Health Index has highlighted the lack of financial wellbeing across the UK – and a widening north-south divide. A big part of the solution is improved financial education

As Corporation Tax hikes loom in April, now’s the time to revisit your business’s financial plans.

The UK’s tax system is complicated, but getting professional tax advice is a tax-smart investment.

Understanding the common reasons why business loans are declined – and ensuring they don’t apply to you – could improve your chances of success.

Soaring inflation means the amount of money needed to enjoy later life has risen dramatically, but we can help you keep your retirement plans on track.

Ever felt mystified by the amount of jargon around financial planning? Here are our top seven terms explained.

Regular checks will help you to respond to changes in tax policy and ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunities

Having protection in place if an illness or injury prevents you from working could free up savings to help you reach the financial future you want

Getting on top of Capital Gains Tax, or CGT is an important part of managing your money and assets as tax-efficiently as possible.

Amid inflation and energy price rises, many young people are struggling to make ends meet – and parents are making up the shortfall. What does that mean for your tax plans?

Cash-flow problems can be fatal for SMEs. We take a look at some of the ways to avoid them – even in a tough economic period

Preparing for Inheritance Tax and looking for the best way to pay the least? Discover how to leave more of your money to those you love.

Higher-rate taxpayers can unwittingly fall into a 60% tax bracket without realising. But you can take easy and tax-efficient ways to avoid this before tax-year end.

Making tax-smart decisions in good time for tax-year end can make a real difference to the pension pot you have when you retire.

Scaling back on pension savings might seem like an easy fix for short-term challenges, but don’t lose sight of your future

Are you still getting good value from your Cash ISAs? Reviewing your mix of Cash and Stocks and Shares ISAs is a good course of action ahead of tax-year end.

For businesses today, it’s no longer about growth at all costs. In an ever-tougher market environment, you need to focus on improving the elements that make up corporate quality, from efficiency to ESG

Our tax-year end tax allowance check list below helps you lay the foundations for your financial future, and makes sure you’re up to date with all the allowances you could be using.

Philanthropic giving can be a tax-efficient way to put your hard-earned money to good use

Tax matters touch nearly every aspect of your finances, so optimising tax reliefs and allowances as part of a holistic financial plan is key

Getting into good tax habits means you have more confidence and control over your money, and your financial wellbeing.

With reductions in tax reliefs and allowances looming for 2023/4, now’s a good time to check in with us to ensure you’re taking maximum advantage of them in this tax year

Retaining senior talent is a challenge for many growing companies. Offering flexible, tailored pension schemes is a good way to keep your executives on board

The Retirement Living Standards explain exactly what a happy and enjoyable retirement will cost you.

Gifting cash or valuable assets to your nearest and dearest this Christmas could save you a significant amount of tax.

Multi-asset funds offer the opportunity to access a diversified investment portfolio with just one fund, so could they be the right choice for you?

The UK is now in a recession but keep calm – having a clear idea of your investment goals and talking to us will help you ride it out

Understanding money and how to use it wisely can start in the earliest school years

Is it better to save or invest? It all depends on what you want to achieve. We look at the differences and what they mean for your future finances

Today, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt stood up to present the Autumn Statement and medium-term fiscal plan to Parliament.

The pressures of energy security and affordability are increasing the challenges on policymakers working towards net zero. We look at what this means for responsible investment

You never know when life will throw you a curveball, but by planning ahead and taking regular advice, you can keep your finances on track

A key employee dies or suffers a critical illness, your business could be seriously impacted. We explore how insurance can mitigate the risks

Aaron Lansberry, England Golf Coach of the Year 2019, explains how a trusted expert, smart goal setting and regularly reviewing performance can give confidence to golfers and investors

In the face of short-term volatility, disciplined research and decision making are more important than ever

Should you stick, sell, or buy after a crash? Duncan Lamont, Schroders’ Head of Research and Analytics, looks to 148 years of stock market history for potential answers.

With the pandemic fading and markets and potential customers opening up again, now could be the time to start growing your business. But what happens when a company expands too fast?

As the tax burden on Britons is set to reach its highest level since the 1950s, it’s increasingly important to use your tax-efficient pension and ISA allowances

Follow these simple rules to give your pension pot a boost

For many entrepreneurs, personal wealth and company wealth are intertwined, so keeping on top of your finances is vital

We look at the best ways of helping your loved ones benefit from your wealth after you’ve gone by cutting your estate’s tax bill

The end of the tax year shouldn’t mean an end to tax planning. Use the reliefs and allowances available to you throughout the year to get the most from your money

A look at how active management can help create positive client outcomes

The UK’s complex tax system presents plenty of pitfalls – from failing to claim pension tax relief to making bad decisions in retirement. Here are the main ones to be aware of…

To assess climate-change-related risks and opportunities, investors need companies to provide clear, high-quality environmental-impact reporting

Whenever you invest your money, you are always taking on an element of risk.

From illness to bereavement, unexpected events can threaten your financial future. We look at why it’s worth getting income protection and critical illness insurance, and why life insurance is important.

Emerging markets have had a challenging year. What is the outlook for the region, and how should investors think about them in the context of their broader investment portfolio?

With markets currently volatile, Joe Wiggins looks at some of the key features of a ‘bear market’

Cash ISAs have long been popular – but has the Personal Savings Allowance made them redundant? Here’s what you need to know

How do you set long-term goals? Self-visualisation – picturing yourself as you want to be in the future – is a powerful tool when it comes to planning

Here’s why you need to evaluate investment performance in the context of long-term objectives – even in times of crisis

Tax planning may well feel like a chore, but in the long term, working tax considerations into your financial planning will not only make you better off, it can also improve your wellbeing.

As tax year-end approaches, it’s important for owners of small businesses to make sure they’re making the most of their allowances. We look at some strategies that will help.

Inheritance Tax (IHT) is one of the government’s most reliable forms of income. IHT receipts received by HMRC during the tax year 2020-2021 came to £5.4 billion and have remained around that level for the past four years, according to official statistics.

Increasing your retirement fund is possible by making some smart tax decisions now.

As Christmas approaches, everybody wants their loved ones – and especially their children – to be happy on the big day.

There’s no better time than the New Year to get into good habits that will make a real difference to your life. Financial goals are an ideal place to begin, not least because they’re often attached to tangible positive outcomes.

When you’re setting goals for the future, it can be hard to find the path between the place you are now and the place you want to be.

A quick check with HMRC will confirm that Income Tax is charged at 0%, 20%, 40% or 45%, depending on your income for the year. The rates are marginally different in Scotland, but wherever you look, there isn’t a published rate of 60%, however much you earn.

When you’ve got more than your own situation to consider, managing your finances can sometimes feel like spinning plates. You could be trying to make the most of your investments while also beginning to think about retirement and what you need to put in place for that.

There comes a time in life when retirement looms increasingly large over the future. Whether you’re looking forward to it or never want it to happen, it’s something that needs to be planned for. These days, retirement is increasingly about giving yourself plenty of options, and that’s where it really pays to use your tax allowances and reliefs well.

Tax is present throughout our lives and not something we can avoid. Yet many of us will admit we don’t always understand it. And with more than 1,000 ever-changing reliefs and allowances available to taxpayers, keeping on top of tax matters is a challenge, even for the experts.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is complicated. That means some people end up paying it unnecessarily, while others get caught out and face fines for failing to properly declare their gains.

Stop price rises damaging your retirement spending power. With inflation soaring, you may need to review your pension plans urgently to stop price rises damaging your future standard of living in retirement.

At the time of writing, the best rate you can get on an instant-access Cash ISA is 0.67%.1 You would be forgiven for thinking that it is at least ‘something’. However, while your balance will still grow on paper, with inflation reaching 4.9%2 by January 2022, the spending power of your money will actually be reducing with each year that passes.

The old myth that investors need to sacrifice some returns if they want to consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in their investment strategy has rapidly gone out of fashion. There’s now plenty of evidence that shows how a company approaches these issues plays a significant role in long-term performance.

Pensions are a smart ingredient to use when it comes to planning for your financial future. Don’t waste the ingredients that make your money work harder for you. Make sure you make the most of this year’s tax allowances before their use-by date.

Individuals and businesses are facing higher taxes, but good financial planning can mitigate the impact. Ensure you make best use of your tax allowances such as pension tax relief and ISA limits for each member of your family. Financial advisers understand the intricacies of taxation and can help you plan for today and future years.