Charity and Community

Doing our bit for those in need.

As a business and as individuals that are passionate about helping others, we are wholly committed to supporting our local community as much as we can, and raising as much money as possible for charitable causes both on a local, national and international basis.

Last year alone, we helped to raise over £250,000 for St. James's Place Charitable Foundation.

Little acts of kindness go a long way, especially for the elderly and vulnerable in our community.

Every month, a proportion of our revenue goes to St. James's Place Charitable Foundation.

Charity Fundraising

£250,000 raised in 2019 alone!

On the first bank holiday weekend in May 2019, company directors Adrian & Lee, took part in the gruelling 3 peaks challenge in Montenegro, raising money for The St. James's Place Charitable Foundation.

Over 45 miles were covered in some pretty testing conditions, but we are pleased to say we raised a staggering £250,000 in total for this great cause and loved every wet minute of it. To find out more about The St. James's Place Charitable Foundation please click here.

Big thanks also to all our clients, friends and family who supported us!

Adrian & Lee Howard Three Peaks Challenge
Three Peaks Challenge Fundraiser Orestone Wealth

Acts of Kindness

Christmas 2019, Managing Director Adrian took his son, Arthur, and some other little people along to The Ness Dementia Centre in Teignmouth. Dementia has always been a cause close to Adrian’s heart since his mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 16 years prior.

Adrian decided to round up the little Christmas Pixies to sing Christmas Songs and hand out homemade crafts, cards and chocolates to spread some Christmas cheer.

Monthly Corporate Gift

As well as one-off charitable events, we also like to provide ongoing support as well. We donate a proportion of our monthly turnover to the St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation. We are proud to say that the Foundation, since inception, has raised over £93m  for thousands of worthy causes, including for:

⦁ Young people with physical or mental health difficulties or life threatening or degenerative conditions
⦁ Young people who are socially or economically disadvantaged
⦁ People with Cancer
⦁ Hospices (all ages)
⦁ Mental Health

If you have a charity that is close to your heart, then please get in touch and we can discuss the ways in which we can apply for a grant on your behalf.

Alzheimer's Walk

In August 2021, the Orestone Wealth team took part in a 26-mile walk across the tough terrain of Dartmoor, in order to raise money for the Alzheimers Society.

The Ukraine Relief Fund

Very proud to say we have raised £675 in 2022 for the very worthy cause, The Ukraine Relief Fund.

This 4-star rated charity offer support in the following areas:

  • Shelter, food, and clean water for refugees.
  • Health and psychosocial support.
  • Access to education and economic assistance.
  • And more.

We hope this small gesture goes some way to alleviate the suffering that has been experienced since the start of the crisis.

Bavarian Alps Walk

Our next charity challenge will be for directors, Adrian & Lee when they take on the 3 peaks challenge in the Bavarian Alps in September 2022 for the SJP Charitable Foundation, wish them luck!

Rowcroft Campaign

Later in 2022 the whole team will then be involved in fundraising for Rowcroft in aid of the 40@40 campaign, in which 40 local businesses are raising £1,000 each for this great charity to celebrate their 40th Anniversary.

Our fundraising master plan will be announced soon!

Community Sponsorships

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